Fun Facts

Want to know more about the person behind the descriptions and work posted on this site? Some of my favorite things, fun facts, and silly stories, all true and all me!  Enjoy the bits and pieces!

  • I love paisley – it’s so whimsical and delicate.
  • I’ve been told I should be a leg/foot model.
  • Sunflowers are my favorite flower. I’ll share the story behind why, if you want to hear.
  • I’m a cat person versus a dog person..but I love all animals!
  • Turquoise is gorgeous! I wear it everyday!
  • I have an eclectic collection of mugs.
  • I am a thrifter.
  • I am a runner. Competed in the toughest 5K trail race in all of America – Dirty Duel. So incredibly intense, but so awesome!
  • Growing up Nancy Drew books were the bomb! Who doesn’t love a great mystery?
  • But, I am not a fan of scary/thriller movies..they freak me out! Although, they are a great calorie burner.



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